Rabix Knowledge Center

The Rabix Knowledge Center provides guides and reference documentation for tools included in the Rabix project, open-source development project for running and creating computational workflows by Seven Bridges.

The two efforts included in the Rabix project:

Rabix Executor

The Rabix Executor supports the Common Workflow Language (CWL) and is currently runnable from the command line. It is suitable for local testing and development of Bioinformatics apps. Rabix also supports the Global Alliance for Genomics Health (GA4GH) Task Execution Server (TES) as a way to scale to cloud environments.

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Rabix Composer

The Rabix Composer is a standalone integrated development environment with rich visual and text-based editors for rapidly describing tools and workflows in the Common Workflow Language (CWL). Use as a standalone application or sync with one of Seven Bridges’ Cloud Platforms to scale your analyses (CGC, Cavatica).

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