Release note 09.21.2017

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Updates to Platform connection

In the settings section of the application, you can connect multiple platform accounts to Rabix Composer. However, now you can only select one active user at a time. The “single active user” functionality was introduced to prevent pushing changes to the wrong account or project. Read more in our documentation.

Progress saved in memory

If you close your laptop before saving changes, or forget to save your changes locally or on the cloud, your progress will be stored in memory.

Check for updates

We’ve added the ability to check for updates from within Rabix Composer. Updates are fetched whenever the application is started, or can be checked manually from the menu bar.

Stability fixes

The RC-1 release also contains a number of stability fixes to make your user experience more enjoyable.

Download Rabix Composer RC-1

Download the RC-1 version of Rabix Composer for Mac or Linux from