Release note 04.13.2018

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Rabix Composer v1.0 Release


We’ve released Rabix Composer v1.0, which includes significant improvements over the beta version with respect to the development of CWL 1.0 and sbg:draft-2 applications on your local machine.

Edit with Rabix Composer

Now when you edit a tool or workflow on a Seven Bridges platform environment you’ll see the Edit with Rabix Composer button. Press the button to launch your desktop copy of Composer with your tool pre-loaded and ready for editing. If you do not have Composer installed, you’ll be prompted to download it.

Rabix Composer and Executor integration

We’ve integrated Rabix Executor into the Composer, so you can now develop and test your CWL code on your laptop through a single user interface. The Test tabs of both the tool and workflow editors have changed to accommodate this new feature. You can access the documentation here. Note that Composer v1.0 requires installation of both Docker CE and Java Development Kit (JDK).

Inherit metadata from input files

Along with performing local tool execution through the Rabix Composer, you can also pass metadata from input files to output files, or access metadata for tool and workflow executions. See the documentation for more detail.

Windows support

Rabix Composer is now available for Windows! Download it here. Please note that Composer will not work on Windows 7, while the new Executor integration feature will only work properly on Windows 10+ due to native compatibility issues with Docker.

Support for Common Workflow Language v1.0

The Seven Bridges environments now provide support for the execution of applications described in Common Workflow Language (CWL) v1.0 as well as your existing tools and workflows described using the CWL sbg:draft-2 version. You can now develop and test both CWL v1.0 and sbg:draft-2 applications with Rabix Composer, then push your app to the cloud to run on any of the Seven Bridges environments.

Note that all your existing tools and workflows will continue to work on the Seven Bridges cloud environments just as they did before and will continue to be supported in the future. Tools and workflows created with the existing web editors within the Seven Bridges cloud environments are in CWL sbg:draft-2. New tools created through the existing web editors will still be in CWL sbg:draft-2, and you can also use the Rabix Composer to edit your CWL sbg:draft-2 tools.

CWL v1.0 offers a number improvements over CWL sbg:draft-2, which makes it portable and interoperable with CWL implementations outside of Seven Bridges. Learn more about our support for CWL1.0.

We’ve added two CWL v1.0 workflows to the Public Apps Gallery of the Seven Bridges environments, so you can take CWL v1.0 for a test drive. These apps include:

  • Salmon Workflow
  • STAR 2.5.4b